Monday, April 2, 2007

The Best April Fools EVER!!

I come from a long history of pranking. One of my earliest memories of April Fool's day was putting corn flakes in my dads work boots early in the morning. And this weekend I witnessed the best April Fool's day prank EVER!!

So Erin and Adrian got married on Saturday, March 31. The wedding was beautiful. For me, it was a bit crazy, as the bridesmaid's dresses ripped up the back and I was running through the superstore trying to find something to paste or pin a dress together. After a small police altercation, some re-routing, and a black cat walking across our path, we made it to the reception.

That evening, my cousins wanted to do something fun, so we went to White Rock. My brother and cousin started doing flips on the grass. There were other kids down by the white rock who could also do some awesome moves, so we had a little showdown between our group and their group. So we stood around and cheered for the different guys who were doing stunts down by the rock.

Last night, Erin and Adrian got pulled over by the police into the grandview Highway Superstore (while we hid behind the shopping carts and filmed the whole thing. We had been waiting at the Superstore for an hour or more and we couldn't stop giggling). The policeman got Erin and Adrian to get out of the car, as he wanted to see Erin's Visa information. He tore up Erin's Visa to Canada as she got more and more frustrated and Adrian started to get angry.

Then Adrian got handcuffed and stuffed into the policecar. Erin followed soon after. Then I walked by. Erin opened up the door and said, "officer, this is my cousin," as she looked to me for help. "Oh hi Erin?!" I said.

"APRIL FOOLS!!!!" I shouted as all of my brothers, Jessica, Shaun and Brenda crashed the police car with their cameras and the policemen started laughing. Seriously, a weekend to remember!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Jessica and I have tons of plans for the summer, and I am getting excited. First up is a trip to Billings with my mom to visit two good friends from university (they're married - hehehe). I'm thinking about the Mexico trip with my church, and Rough Acres bible camp. And then there will be surfing trips, camping, swimming, frisbee, a little soccer outside, hiking, fishing (if we ever get to go with Kris), and lots of weddings.

And, unfortunately I have missed my chance to get a weird tan from summer activities because I have a fake one from a tanning bed. (although my favourite one is the water skiing one)

So get excited everyone, we are going to have a great summer!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!!

So, I have approximately 100 cupcakes to make this next week (I have made over 100 already... they're in my freezer). I couldn't sleep last night because I was trying to think up a skit for Erin and Ade's reheresal dinner, and I ended up dreaming about transporting cupcakes to the wedding (for some reason they were in donut boxes in my dream). Now I am starting to understand why girls plan their weddings without having a guy in mind. I am constantly surrounded by wedding ideas. I am starting to know what I like and what I don't like about other's weddings. Weird, I know.

Jeremy and Kalena got married yesterday. Both of my roomates are at weddings today. Erin and Adrian get married exactly two weeks from today. Becca got engaged on Thursday this week. Her wedding is in May.
For the summer: Taylor and Pam are getting married on July 7th, Sarah and Mike are getting married on August 19th (for some reason that date sticks in my head, but I'm not sure it is the right one), My cousin Alyssa is also getting marrie d sometime in August, Chris and Gina are getting married on April 27th, and it seems that I have forgotten at least one. Our fridge is covered in wedding invitations.
And the question remains... where is my husband? Where is he hiding? Why can't I find him?

Sunday, March 4, 2007

DDR at work??

So, not many people can say that they play DDR at work. It's pretty awesome!! It was (GASP!) almost worth skipping a weekend of hanging out with friends. We took the Skytrain to Science World on Friday to see their chocolate exhibit (which didn't have enough free samples for my liking). I played basketball for a while yesterday with the kids, and today, well, we watched a movie and played some badminton (one of the girls schooled me), and looked at silly music videos on YouTube. I don't have any idea what they have planned for tomorrow, but I know everyone went skating last Monday (and I missed out!)

Teenagers are super funny when it comes to food. We have lots of stuff they can make - pancakes, soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese, toast, pizza pops, lots of different kinds of fruit - but they will open up the frigde and say "There's nothing to eat!" But when stuff is made (I made waffles and bacon for breakfast Friday morning) it is completely devoured!!

Favourite quote of my day at work: "I just want to be married and have kids and it's not happening!!"
The story behind my favourite quote of the day:
One of our teens was frustrated and yelling at one of our staff about all the things she didn't like about the day (we ran out of peanut butter, then while the girl was on time out, another teen ate her lunch!! - I would get angry too if I couldn't eat what I wanted!) So, the staff member gave her a little piece of what was wrong with her own life! "I just want to be married and have kids and it's not happening!!" I laughed until I almost cried, mostly because I understood the sentiment. We all have stuff in life that we don't like, but even a day without peanut butter isn't that bad!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cutting and Coloring

Yesterday I got my orientation to the unit I will be working on at least for the next two months. I have to admit that yesterday was a depressing day.

I am just in the middle of learning what all the teens on my unit have been through, and it's not pretty. (abuse, multiple foster homes, etc.) And leads to lots of problems. At least one girl on the unit is a cutter, some have suicidal ideations. One girl likes to sit and mutter (things like "Don't hurt me!" "F___ You!" "I'm scared" "I'm gay.") We sat together and colored pictures of the Little Mermaid, and I think she actually made eye contact with me twice. One girl taught me some hip hop dance moves, which made me laugh, and I think I am helping her with homework tonight.

Then I went home and chatted with my roomates, and ended up watching about half of "The Color Purple." (it was the most depressing movie I have ever seen - we had to turn it off). It's basically about this black woman who is abused every way possible by her husband her whole life.

Life is ugly. I think we all know this in some way. And it had never been more real to me than yesterday. I have a tendency to be like "God where are you? Why didn't you stop this from happening?"

I was praying last night for Joy and Endurance. (two things that I am going to need) Because these sad stories are not the end. God knows what each of these teens have been through in intimate detail. And he cares for each one more than I could ever know. And God is shown to the world through those who love Him. I am Christ's light shining in a dark place. I am excited and scared for the months ahead, but I know that I am growing in His light.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

How to Get Wax out of Your Hair

I've always wanted to have dredlocks... just like this guy.

Liz and Anna had a pirate Valentine's day party. And what's more Jack Sparrow than dredlocks? So last night was my chance. I made dredlocks.

And what's the most difficult hair styling product to get out of your hair?

We used wax and glue to make dredlocks. Well, I looked hot like this guy last night, but even after washing my hair three times last night in the shower, I woke up with a very waxy head and pillow.
So I phoned Nikky, my friend that also made dreds, to see how she was doing.
Her concotion was eggs, peanut butter, mayo, and vegetable oil. Rub it in, wait for five minutes, wash it out. My head was still waxy.
I found an internet site that said vegetable oil would work. I tried it, my head was still waxy.
Finally I found a site that said to get wax out of carpet, you should use an iron and wipe up the wax as it melts with a cloth.

So I went to the shower, pretty determined. I scrubbed my head with every random product there was in our shower. And I thought, well, what about the carpet method. The iron provides heat, and the cloth adds a mechanical way to remove the melted wax. So I turned up the heat in my shower, stuck my head under, and scrubed with a cloth.
My head is feeling less waxy, but still not normal. It might take a few days. I think I've washed my hair nine or ten times now. hahahahaha Oh what we do for dress up parties....

Sunday, February 11, 2007

This week...

I'm really enjoying not having homework.
- I spent lots of time this week planning Erin's bridal shower, phoning a ton of girls to come, and getting really excited about being part of another wedding.
- I was one of the few people in my class to get my IV catheter in Nikky's vein. Unfortunately, I messed up and she had a huge hematoma the next day (sorry!!)
- I went to see the play at Trinity, and it reminded me too much of what my job is like... It was a play about a doctor and feeling helpless about actually saving/helping people. I mean there are so many people with so many problems, I just want to fix them all, but I can only do so much... and I really don't have the power to actually change another person's mind. (although, I pray that God gives me influence in relationships that I will be building with my teens at work).
- We ended up talking to one of Jessica's friends for hours that night (and it gave me hope that there are nice guys out there that I have not met yet).
- Oh, and dating Maia is great! Saturday made me feel like it was summer, we made a list of summer goals - I think for me skinny dipping is at the top of the list!! (oh, did I say that outloud?)
- Wallyball is really fun!! I just love playing games with friends!!